Mobile access


The Fleet Expert mobile application has many features for fleet management of your vehicles. The application has intuitive and simple to use platform and is available for all models of smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS operating systems.

Through Fleet Expert mobile you can monitor and control various parameters of vehicles, which can be displayed on the Google Maps:

  • Location
  • Speed
  • Route
  • Alerts

More features

The mobile application is synchronized with the Fleet Expert web platform to your desktop computer and you can quickly and easily get the remote access information to:

  • Defense zones
  • Driver ID
  • Current speed
  • Distance
  • Remaining fuel (if the fuel control option is activated)
  • Actual reports – way-bills, fuel consumption, alarms  and others
  • Alerts – speed limit, defense zones, service, technical review, insurances  and others
  • Service module – there are integrated functionality to manage vehicle support, planning repairs, administrative expenses and many others
  • Settings – email authorization, language, visualization and etc.

The mobile application is free of charge and can be test with demo account.

Free Download Fleet Еxpert mobile App

Mobile application layout

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